Payette City Center Plan
City of Payette

Prepared for:
           City Council
           Dick Butcher, Mayor
           Jim Bivens
           Lloyd Blackmer
           Henry Diener
           Jim McEwen
           Barbara Schoen
           Dan White

City Staff:
           Barbara Millard, City Clerk
           Floyd Moyer, Police Chief

Prepared By: Planmakers
                       Boise, Idaho

John Bertram, Project Director
Dean Schultz, Graphics
Susan Bertram, Report Preparation

IDA-ORE Planning and Development Association, Economic Analysis

The following people assisted in providing information for the plan’s development:
           Darlene Allison, Independent-Enterprise
           Jack Bainbridge, Home Loan Realty
           Ron Blakeley, Blakeley Engineers
           Bryant Behrmann, Payette County
           Phil Choate, IDA-ORE Planning and Development, Association
           Chuck Conneley, Goodman Oil Company
           Gary Duerr, Payette Drug
           Jim Fishers Payette Public School District
           Roger Fairchild, Golden Valley Foods
           Dwane Gowland, Gowland, Johanson Architects
           Mary Hartung, Marys
           Doug Jackson, Idaho Power Company
           Nancy Jordan, Payette Senior Citizen Center
           Perry Rail, Payette Chamber of Commerce
           Dee Klenck, Treasure Valley Television
           George Klenck, Service Lab
           Robert Kniefel, Idaho First National Bank, Payette Office
           John Lee, Property Owner
           Shirley Manser, Manser Ford
           Cliff and Scott Massingill, Massingill Furniture and Appliances
           John Musgrove, John’s 316
           Warren McCain, Albertsons
           Tom Naylor, IDA-ORE Planning and Development Association
           Paul Olson, First Security Bank, Payette Office
           Verne Swanson, Swanson Construction Co.
           Sandra Swisher, Sandy’s Flower Boutique
           Ray Watts, Payette County Historical Society
           Autumn Young, Payette Chamber of Commerce
           Questionnaire Respondents

           Idaho Historical Society
           Payette County Historical Society
           Sanborn Map Company
           Maudie Owens Cafe & Murphy’s Law Meeting Space
           Idaho Transportation Dept.

The preparation of this report was accomplished through funding by the City of Payette and the Idaho Historical Society. The activity that is the subject of this plan and design guide has been financed in part with Federal funds from the National Park Service, Department of the Interior. However, the contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Department of the Interior, nor does the mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendations by the Department of the Interior.