Harmon Killebrew Dome

Proposed Harmon Killebrew Dome

The most obvious landmark in Payette is Payette High School’s geodesic dome. This former federal government dome became the high school gym in 1972. The large, white dome is visible for miles, including from near-by Interstate 84.

The presence of this baseball-like dome and the fact that Baseball Hall of Fame’s Harmon Killebrew graduated from Payette High School in 1954 set up an opportunity to both help promote Payette and pay tribute to Payette’s best known national figure. Initiated in the Spring of 1985 and illustrated in Figure 38, the Killebrew Art Project intended to paint the Harmon Killebrew autograph and stitches on the dome so it would resemble a baseball. Though not accomplished due to unfavorable response from some high school students the project had the support of Harmon Killebrew and still is an achievable and worthwhile project. A number of private sources were also identified to fund and promote the dome baseball.

Such a symbol would be the world’s largest memorial to a sport’s celebrity and would benefit the community through national publicity and increased tourism. Combining the dome with Killebrew’s signature would be a fitting tribute and presents a unique opportunity for Payette.

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