Transportation and Entryway Improvements

As outlined on page 18 the city and downtown are generally well served by Payette’s transportation system. Improvements call for the ongoing repair of downtown streets and improved information signing.

One of the downtown’s transportation needs is to encourage business patronage into the downtown from U.S. highway 95 via the business loop along 3rd Avenue North, 8th Street and the south entrance loop. To capture U.S. 95 patronage heading south, three signs would be appropriate along U.S. 95. The first would be a “Welcome to Payette” sign located at the city boundary; the second would be an advance “City Center / Visitor Services” sign for 3rd Avenue North and the third would be a city center directional sign placed at the 3rd Avenue and 16th Street intersection.

Coming from the south, it is recommended that the triangular lot at the 95 bypass junction be landscaped with grass and a “Welcome to Payette” sign erected. The existing Francois Payette triangular park provides an excellent location for an additional sign outlining the attractions of the community (i.e. swimming pool complex, parks, golf course, Payette Historical Museum, etc.) along with information on restaurants and other services.

This same southern business loop entryway is also planned for traffic improvements by the Idaho Transportation Department. As a part of the upcoming widening of the loop from two to four lanes, the city should work with adjacent property owners to encourage private properties to clean up their appearance with landscaping, new signing and screening of outdoor storage areas. This entryway program, including trees (possibly, flowering crab apple) should be undertaken through the coordinated action of the adjacent property owners, city of Payette, Payette Chamber of Commerce and the Idaho Transportation Department. Providing an attractive and informative entrance into Payette is vital to encourage travelers to stop and take advantage of the city’s attractions and services.

(Page 47 – 48)