Payette has suffered over the years from several fires. Fire destroyed Payette’s two-story brick school house in 1925, and the brick YMCA building in the 1930’s.

A rash of fires in the late 1970’s consumed numerous buildings in Payette:

Two packing plants and two warehouses on July 4, 1977;

two buildings located on 8th Street between First and Second avenues on August 9, 1977, including the Blackaby Building;

the Peppermint Lounge on 8th Street on February 25, 1978;

the Bancroft Hotel, located on 8th Street and Center Avenue on January 19, 1979;

and the Payette Cider Company, Idaho’s largest apple processor, on December 2, 1978 were all destroyed.

Fires continue to take their toll as the 1887 Whitney House burned in 1985.

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