Payette City Center Plan
011920Payette Equity Exchange - IOOF213 N. 8th St.H
021912Old Payette City Hall and Courthouse240 N. 8th St.H*
031920Masonic Temple224 N. 8th St.H
04c 1930sIdaho Migrant Council220 N. 8th St.c
05c 1925Vacant216 N. 8th St.S
06c 1920Ruth Cordes Draperies208 N. 8th St.H
0719261926 Goodman Oil Service204 N. 8th St.H
081927Portia Club225 N 9th StH*
091907First Church of Christ Scientists215 N. 9th St.H
101907Satoris - Palumbo Residence200 N. 9th St.H
111895 - 1926A. B. Moss / Senior Citizens187 N. 8th St.H
12c 1902The Rendevous129 N. 8th St.H
131902Bledsoe and Bledsoe127 N. 8th St.H
141902Old Telephone Building123 N. 8th St.H
151902 - 1983McCrea Heating117 N. 8th St.C
161902Wells Real Estate115 N. 8th St.H
171902Vacant111 N. 8th St.S
181920Maudie Owens Cafe / Paddock Lounge107 – 109 N. 8th St.S
191935Manser Ford134 N. 8th St.H
20c 1920Meechan's116 N. 8th St.H
21c 1900Residence119 N. 9th St.H
22c 1914Residence115 N. 9th St.H
23c 1914Residence109 N. 9th St.H
241906Avey Residence105 N. 9th St.H
25cc 1904N. A. Jacobsen Building40 N. 8th St.H*
26c 1920 - 1980Idaho Power Building32 N. 8th St.C
27c 1900 - 1930T.V. Trading Post30 N. 8th St.H
28c 1900 - 1970Vee Club26 N. 8th St.H
291903Payette Beauty Shop / City Cleaners22 – 24 N. 8th St.H
301904Peppermint Lounge18 N. 8th St.H
311899Mary's / Zimmerman Building16 N. 8th St.H
321904N. A. Jacobsen / Masingills12 N. 8th St.H
331903Masingill Furniture / Lauer6 N. 8th St.H
34c 1904 - 1930Payette National Bank / Theater2 N. 8th St.H
351904Triangle Bar Insurance815 Center Ave.H
36c 1900Payette Family Practice Assoc.823 Center Ave.H
37c 1906Merc / Vacant29 – 33 N. 8th St.H
38c 1910T.V. Television25 N. 8th St.H
39c 1910Intermountain Cable21 N. 8th St.H
40c 1910Keith's / Sandy's15 N. 8th St.H
411903Thurston - Creighton Building11 N. 8th St.H
42c 1960Payette Drug1 N. 8th St.H
431902 - 1905Coughanour Block700 – 718 Center Ave.H*
44c 1895Blacksmith BuildingN. 7th St.H
451898Harness BuildingN. 7th St.H
A45c 1910Swanson ShopN. 7th St.H
46c 1895VacantN. 7th St.H
A461902Shops701 – 719 Center Ave.H
47c 1923Payette Mall / Farbers14 S. 8th St.H
48c 1923Glover Jewelers / Olympic Int.18 S. 8th St.H
491914Independent Enterprise / McCarrol – Diener Agency26 – 28 S. 8th St.H
50Payette City Hall700 Center Ave.S
51c 1910Keystone Pizza17 S. 8th St.H
52c 1920Posey19 – 21 S. 8th St.H
531908Woodward / Grief Building23 S. 8th St.H*
54c 1895Real Estate Center33 S. 8th St.H
55c 1910B. Bruce Attorney39 S. 8th St.H
56c 1890Residence10 S. 9th St.H
57Horse Barn16 1/2 S. 9th St.H
581904Museum / Methodist - Episcopal Church26 S. 9th StH*
59c 1925Coast to Coast121 S. 8th St.S
60c 1903Baptist Church811 2nd Ave. S.H
611904Residence815 2nd Ave. S.H
62c 1890sResidence126 S. 9th St.H
631916Church of Christ130 S. 9th St.H
641916Crawford Associates817 2nd Ave. S.H
65c 1930sBible Baptist Church118 S. 8th St.H
66c 1925State Liquor Dispensary124 S. 8th St.S
67c 1900M and M Realty / Residence219 S. 8th St.H
68c 1900Rayburn Residence223 S. 8th St.H
69c 1920Residence224 S. 9th St.H
70c 1920Church of God720 2nd Ave S.S
71c 1930Lee Residence252 S. 8th St.S
72c 1900Residence223 S. 7th St.S
73c1900Residence217 S. 7th St.S
74c 1895Residence706 3rd Ave. S.H
75c 1910Residence716 3rd Ave. S.S
76c 1920Apartment320 S. 9th St.S
771908Coughanoor Elk StatueCity HallH
781920WWI Doughboy Statue8th St. and 3rd Ave. N.H
791893David C. Chase House307 N. 9th St.H*

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