Parks and Recreation

The downtown is served by two parks: Central Park and Kiwanis Park. The one-block Central Park is located on the eastern edge of the downtown commercial area, flanked by Center Avenue, 10th Street, 1st Avenue South and 9th Street. This early park initially was the site of the 1889 brick school house. The park is now home to the Payette Public Library building, which was built in 1939 by the Work Projects Administration. The library was expanded in the 1960’s. Central Park provides a children’s play area, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, drinking fountain and concrete block restroom building. Two statues include an old cannon and an Idaho monument erected in 1930 commemorating “the pioneers of the west, many of whom gave their lives along the Old Oregon Trail for the advancement of civilization.” The open grass park also contains a variety of trees including many maples and birch and a circular rose garden.

At the south end of the downtown is the large Kiwanis Park along the Payette River. Once the site of the Harris Sawmill, the park is lush with large shade trees and is one of the most popular places for residents to enjoy their leisure time. The spacious 15 acre park features a large band shell and stage used for spring and summer activities and two regulation swimming pools with a total of fifteen lanes for team competition. Along with a wading pool there is a 75-foot pool outdoors. The indoor area features another 75-foot pool and large opening skylights. Kiwanis Park also features four tennis courts, a lodge meeting building, barbeque facilities and playground. Forty-nine Creek flows through the park and into the Payette River. Though the Payette River edges along the western edge of the Park, few improvements have been made along the river.

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