Retail Analysis

Economic Analysis of Retail Market

An economic evaluation of Payette’s retail market was conducted by the IDA-ORE Planning and Development Association. This supplemental economic analysis addresses the current state of the Payette City retail market; ‚Äúleakage” of retail dollars to nearby Ontario, Oregon; and future business opportunities in Payette.

Payette is the county seat and as such should be the center for much of the cultural and retail activity in north Payette County. Unfortunately, due to a declining commercial trend, virtually the opposite is true. In fact, the lion’s share of entertainment and retail shopping by Payette County residents is now done in Ontario, Oregon, six miles west.

In spite of the current preference shown by most county residents for shopping in Ontario, the Payette Central Business District (CBD) is geographically well positioned, and given fully competitive retail facilities it would intercept a large share of this “leakage.”

Retail Trade Area – Definition

Retail trade area boundaries typically are set by geographic obstacles, distance, and the proximity and convenience of other community shopping facilities of similar or larger size.

Based on field checks and analysis of other similar retail markets, it appears that the Payette City primary retail trade area includes most of the County north of the Payette River and those portions of adjacent Washington County that are as close or closer, by road, to Payette than to Weiser.

Primary trade area boundaries are estimated as follows:

North – about seven miles – roughly 1/2 the distance to Weiser

East – limited by sparse population

South – Payette River – virtually all families living south of the river have at least as convenient,
and close, access to Ontario, Oregon via Interstate 84 and /or U. S. Highway 30

West – Snake River – three miles

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